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We are going to get on to this training first. Like I was saying as we were ending yesterday, you are going to want to experiment and figure out which promotional stuff works best for you and your business. I have begun posting all of the posts that I am writing on Medium as well as my actual blogs to see if I can get some more blog followers.

What are my blogs? Glad you asked. I’m writing about these trains and other business stuff on Https:// is where I write about family travel, whether they are a special needs family or not. [you’ll have to go to “no catergories” to read my new posts, kind of embarrassing] And on I write about family issues, and a lot of these posts do have to do with special needs families. There, enough advertising.

You are going to want to monitor your results. I am going to see if I get some more follows, either on medium or on my blogs. You want to keep learning new channels so that you can keep growing. Ugh, I do not think is of myself as especially great at learning new things





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Sarah Coiner

Sarah Coiner


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