Today we are going to look at some types of content that your audience is going to love. First, they are going to want to be informed. Your blog can be about anything that you want. It can be about quitting your job and working from home, or it can be about dog food..

I haven’t done any research on this yet, but I’ve been thinking about trying to get into special needs parents going into business for themselves. My idea is that with what I do is completely flexible. If I want to do things quickly, I can. If I want to take time off, I can. Of course, I’m not making any money. But I can’t work a normal job, and flexibility is important. Flexibility is important to a lot of special needs parents. Finding a job they can do whenever they want could be important. That is something I’ve been thinking, but have not done anything about yet.

Anyway, back to the writing, you are going to want to inform your audience, with a secondary goal of selling to them. You need to be seen as truly helping them in everything that you do.



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